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Feel the Fado

Fado - a music genre which can be traced to the poorest districts of Portuguese cities of 19th century, mostly Lisbon's disctricts of Alfama and Mouraria. Fado is a melancholic song performed by a single vocalist, accompanied by two guitars. It's sometimes called the Portuguese blues.

There are two basic types of classical fado: Lisbon fado (sung by both men and women) and sung exclusively by fado men from Coimbra. Sometimes fado from Porto is also mentioned, but most of the experts consiter it to be an imitation of the Lisbon fado. The first documented fado singer was Maria Severa. But the greatest fado singer, considered to be the queen of the genre, an international symbol and exemplary artist, would be Amália Rodrigues.

In the 1990s fado entered its golden age, mainly due the new generation of artists who perform both classical and modern fado versions. The most important ones among them are Dulce Pontes, Mariza, Mísia, Cristina Branco, Mafalda Arnauth, Carminho,