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Seasonal menu

For hot, summer days we have 3 delicious sugestions :

light, sweet and sour red currants cream with delightful blue cheese and crispy toast. Blue cheese used in this dish as well as other cheeses that we use in our menu comes from repeatedly rewarded farmstead from our neighborhood.

Another offer is pasta binge : al dente penne with fresh chanterelle, lightly cripsy courgette and a strong character of garlic, parsley and parmesan cheese. Everything is covered in light, creamy sauce made on decreased white wine. Mmmm.... moreish :)

Salmon – the fish you can't simply resist. We prepare it by sous vide metod so that is is perfectly soft, pink and juicy. In our humble opinion the perfect company for such a delicious salmon is sos made from real, fresh butter and freshly squeezed lemon. On summer time everything tastes great with seasonal, cripsy vegetables : green beans and caulifower.

You can find out more about our menu under this page : http://www.hotelfado.eu/karta-dan

We are delighted to welcome you in our restaurant :)

Here you can eat something delicious and healthy.